обнаженная женщина, киллер с лопатою (sierra_leone) wrote,
обнаженная женщина, киллер с лопатою


Прекрасный блог, читается легко.

When I started my first business, I was bad at dealing with partners, employees, money, expenses, and negotiation.
There’s no way to start a business without being bad at those things. People who are good, are good because they spent ten years being bad.
Note: You have to love being incompetent in order to be competent.
That’s the true test that you will be able to get better at whatever in life you love strongly enough to get better at.
I had to give myself permission to be incompetent at business, at relationships , at parenting. I’m still mostly incompetent.But maybe a little better.
Tags: инглиш-пинглиш, ссылки
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